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We have kept our promise towards our business partners for the continuous improvement and upgrade of our trading software applications. Thereafter, we have managed to retain the tradition of the last thirty years in offering to the Cyprus market  our own-developed software systems. Thus, recently we have proceeded in the development of the biggest project in the history of the company; the new ERP software series 'Cycom  SOFIA'.

After the well-known software series ‘CYCOM SBS’ which was promoted between 1984 – 1997 (and apparently it is still being used today) but also the latest series of software applications ‘CYCOM Windows Business Suite’, since 1997 to-date, we have already initiated the development of the new software systems ‘Cycom SOFIA (Sophisticated Financial Applications)'. All of the current systems are going to be developed from scratch and the whole project is estimated to be delivered in the market before the end of 2014.

'Cycom SOFIA' will constitute the first ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software application which has been developed and fully owned by a Cypriot company. Based on our long-term experience and taking into consideration the current and future needs of our business partners and of the Cyprus market at large, the ‘’Cycom SOFIA’’ will be developed on an entirely new technology and it will provide all the required solutions needed by a company.

The new ERP software series Cycom SOFIA is a web - enabled application and can be accessed from any point as long as internet connection is available and the client application has been installed.

Some of the main features of the system include the fast insertion and search of documents and other information, the dynamic transmission of marketing documents to customers, the security of data and users’ control and many others.

The System is developed on Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft .Net Framework and it makes use of the XML Protocol.

The Financial part of the whole project is already  finalized and is available for purchase.

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