CYCOM Business Solutions Ltd operates in the Information Technology sector of Cyprus and provides powerful software solutions for today’s demanding and competitive business environment. CYCOM Product Suite is a comprehensive range of Systems which allows users to organize and adapt the Systems to meet their specific requirements. The CYCOM Product Suite includes applications that cover Financial Applications, Inventory Applications and Human Resources Applications. In addition, CYCOM has the full potential and capability to develop Customised Systems.

CYCOM offers the whole array of related services for the successful completion of projects. Our team of consultants ensure that we achieve the highest level of output in the most qualitative and professional way. CYCOM pays high attention to the Support Service, as we recognize that it constitutes the primary critical factor for customer satisfaction.

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The Cycom SOFIA System is an integrated, powerful and flexible business application. It is a truly mobile application allowing the user to work from anywhere through the internet. Cycom SOFIA constitutes the E.R.P System which Cycom Business Solutions Ltd, targets its focus group, which is the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. It is widely accepted that every industry has its unique processes and the Cycom SOFIA aims to cover the particularities of various markets in Cyprus as well as internationally. The objective of the Cycom SOFIA, is to enable both the management to obtain full control over the company and the personnel to execute their daily workflow in a more efficient and effective manner.

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Having been in business since 1984 we have a large and loyal client base. This is simply because we care about our clients. Our Applications use the latest state-of-the art technology and we are proud to provide the best after sales service.