The Sofia Cost Control System is aimed at firms that act as the agent for their customers. As they receive an Order from their Customer they issue a Purchase Order to their Suppliers. This System helps the Agent control the whole process.

A workflow can be setup where Purchase Orders are created automatically from the Sales Orders, and once the Purchases arrive it can create the Sales Invoice towards the customer. Various other additional charges can be applied such as delivery costs and administration charges.

A variety of reports exist helping the user keep track of what documents are coming and going helping make sure that nothing is left behind.

Sofia Cost Control is fully interfaced with the other Sofia Platform Applications such as Sofia Financial Management, Sofia Service Invoicing and Sofia Cash Management System.

Key Features

  • STP (Straight through processing)
  • Purchase Order Issue
  • SOF (Statement of Facts) Templates.
  • Predefined Group Of Orders
  • Automatic Generation of Sales Order
  • Using Price List & Price Policies
  • Purchases / Sales Invoices
  • Discount / Credit Notes
  • Deliver Procedure
  • Profit / Loss Predictability Algorithms
  • MIS Reporting. Exceptions / Project Status
  • Purchases Requisitions (Users Limits / Items Limits)
  • Fully integrated with Sofia Invoicing
  • Payments Plan
  • Automatic Accounting Interface

Sample Screens

Sample Reports