Human Capital is proven to be the most valuable asset within organizations today. At the same time employees have a large amount of transactions within a company. Such as, leave transactions, training, appraisals, benefits, contracts and many more.
Companies target to use their employees in the most productive and hassle free environment allowing them to focus on what they are expected to do avoiding bureaucratic processes in such transactions.
Cycom Human Recourses System, provides the tool in order to minimise the time spent by companies to create these transactions, to record them, to maintain them and to produce meaningful information from them.
With this powerful tool the company can handle the management tasks required of a Human Resource Department, from recruitment, handling different applications, employee evaluation and grading, to the employee’s development within the company.

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Cycom HR Officer and Cycom HR Self Service – integrates your HR processes utilizing the Information technology infrastructure automating all HR internal processes. Implementing these modules, the HR department productivity increases drastically and at the same time company employees, spend their time on their tasks instead of filling company HR forms and processes.

Increasing productivity – while reducing the company costs are essential drivers to today’s businesses.

Create your own reports – using your favourite reporting tools (Excel, Crystal Reports, Oracle Reports etc.) in minutes taking advantage of the easy and open data model policy of the system. Easy, readable, English-like tables and columns to easily produce the required information.

Giving access to each employee – for his/hers own information, for a hassle-free HR department focused on real HR work. Allow users to submit their leaves and their managers to approve them electronically. A document free procedures automating the whole process. A workflow will take control resulting on one final document for filing purposes.

Automation – is essential and that is why many tasks including leave management run over a workflow of tasks and jobs to minimise user intervention.

Human Resources data are sensitive – and that is why Cycom HRMS runs on Oracle database, tacking advantage of its capability, scalability, reliability and availability. Cycom HRMS integrates user management security of Oracle to provide a robust system.

Key Features

  • Dual Input
    • HR Officer – used by the management and HR Department
    • HR Self Service – used by each employee from their own workstation via the web browser
  • Leave Management
    • Request & Approval through Self Service
    • Email enabled
    • Leave plan
    • Leave Balances
  • Training Management
    • Setup Classes and assign Employees
    • HRDA compliant
    • Setup Class Evaluation form
  • All Employee Documents and Details
    • Employment History
  • Business Trips
  • Time Attendance Interface
  • Appraisals
    • Setup employee Appraisal Types
    • Customise response
    • Email Integrated
    • Appraisal workflow for comments and approval by managers
  • Standard Reports Include:
    • There are over 100 standard reports in the HR System, every from leave information to statistics

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