1. Services

CYCOM Business Solutions Ltd offers a comprehensive range of services that assures the successful completion of a project. The array of services provided includes the following: Consulting, Installation, Implementation, Development and Support.
CYCOM Business Solutions Ltd is proud that all input of services is performed by its consultants which are characterized by high levels of professionalism, deep industry knowledge and experience and optimum level of specialization.


The team of business consultants of CYCOM carries cumulative experience of more than 25 years. As a result, the consultants have both the expertise and know-how for all related business models and concepts, which helps to manage successfully all projects undertaken.
The Consulting services include the Pre-sales Service, which is an in-depth business analysis for the business requirements and specifications. Further, IT Infrastructure Consulting provides for the full alignment of hardware and networking specifications with the business applications to be installed. Finally, the Consulting services also include a Business Analysis for defining precisely the business processes and procedures, in order to develop a custom-made project.


The CYCOM technical team undertakes the task to deliver and install both the CYCOM applications ordered and the corresponding database. It is the process of tuning and the configuration of the database on the server, including the set up of the back-up service and the installation of the software applications on the workstations of the customer.


This project phase constitutes of system set up and training services. Initially, the implementation consultants undertake the task of setting up the system in such a way as to adopt and fully comply with the business model of the customer. Among others, system set up requires business understanding, parameterization, reports design and parameters definition which will enable the customer to execute its daily workflow in a smooth manner. Furthermore, the implementation consultants provide training on real business scenarios to key users. Basically, the functionality of the software is explained to the users which have to imply a practical example on each item covered. Finally, a system audit is performed to ensure that all system definitions and parameters have been set successfully.


The Development department of CYCOM Business Solutions Ltd is responsible for the building, upgrading and maintenance of the Cycom Business Suite, using the latest software tools and technology. Analysis, design and build of new custom-made projects is also a successful service of the Development department.
The development team of CYCOM is obliged to fully comply with changes in the regulatory framework for companies operating in Cyprus, provided that these are covered by a Maintenance Agreement.


We recognize that efficient and effective support service is key for a project and also that support service constitutes a critical factor for the software provider selection process. As, a result CYCOM pays crucial attention and gives emphasis in the provision of support service, as we consider it as key for having and retaining satisfied customers. Customers which have active Annual Maintenance Agreement have the right to the following support services:

  • Upgrades to new versions: Delivery and Installation of software upgrade and conversion of data (for same systems only)
  • Defect corrections (Patches): Delivery and Installation
  • Technical Support: Services provided online or on-site
  • Annual Preventive Visit
  • Annual Review Visit
  • Telephone HELP DESK: CYCOM Help Desk:: +357 22470000.


Every day, a support consultant is assigned to serve the calls by customers. The HELP DESK operates during normal working days and hours (excluding Public Holidays) as follows: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays, from 08:00 – 13:00 and 14:00 -17:30, and on Fridays from 08:00 to 14:00.

  • Training and Implementation: Services provided on-site. Under both Maintenance Schemes, either Gold or Silver, this service is chargeable at the current hourly rate.
  • On-site Technical Application Support: Under the Gold Maintenance Scheme, this service is free of charge. However, under the Silver Maintenance Scheme, this service is provided at the current hourly rate.
  • Traveling expenses: Under both Maintenance Schemes, this service is provided free of any charge.

CYCOM Express Support

In our endless effort to provide superior level of services to our valued customers, we have the facility and corresponding resources to provide instant technical support.
This is done, through the internet. Once the client has provided us with the unique ever-changing security code, we can log on to the client’s workstation and perform any task required, as if we were at the client’s premises.
The fact that the password validation stands only for a single session and the fact that the customer fully monitors all the tasks performed by the support consultant, ensures maximum level of security assurance.
The cost of this service is included in the normal Annual Maintenance fee.

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