This is a Comprehensive System which enables users to run the company’s payroll in the most effective way, based on the company’s requirements.
The System is structured in such a way that enables users to define all the Payroll parameters according to exact Company needs.
The System also enables users to adapt to the rules and regulations issued by the Government Agencies & Unions from time to time.

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Overtime Types – Overtime Types are user-defined (1:1,1:5,1:2)
Up to 5 user-defined overtime codes. (E.g. Sunday, Saturday, Day, Night etc)

Type of Companies – The System can handle the    following type of business:

  • Factories
  • Constructions
  • Hotels
  • Services
  • Banks
  • Government
  • Semi-Government

Hourly Rate Decimal Points – The System handles hourly rate decimal points (2,3,4) for more accurate calculation of the     overtime amounts and other   values related with hourly rate (shift allowance).

Increment Rates – The System Handles the Basic Increment Rates Table defined by the    Government or the semi-government organizations.

Interfacing – It can Update the Payroll transactions to the General Ledger in a      different company than the payroll company.

It can also update the General Ledger in different posting period than the Payroll period.

The Payroll System has an On-line Posting facility with our Financial Management System, and if the customer does not have our Financial Management System, it can issue a Journal Listing for the user to enter the transactions   manually into any other Accounting Package.

It also has On-line Posting facility with our Provident Fund System, and       On-line Posting facility with our Job Costing System, either based on employees actual cost or on a user define standard cost rate for each employee.

The Payroll System can also interface with Time Attendance machines.

Key Features

  • Salaries calculation
  • Employees Tax Calculation
  • Administration of multiple Type of companies
  • Handling of different Increment Rates
  • Fully interfaced with our Financial Management System, on-line posting facility with the Provident Fund System and Job Costing System and also can be interfaced with Time Attendance machines.
  • Handling of various Provisions
  • Overtimes calculation
  • Payroll Deductions and Contributions facilities
  • Job costing analysis
  • Cheques administration
  • Loans allocation to employees
  • A wide range of reports is provided and categorised as:
    • Period reports,
    • Monthly reports (T.d.61, Social Insurance report),
    • Yearly reports (IR7, IR63),
    • Costing Management reports
    • Other reports

Sample Screens

Sample Reports