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Financial Management System

Comprehensive Accounting and Management Information System.

Cash Management System

Facilitates the processing of cash transactions, allows bank accounts to be reconciled, handles cheques, processes cash receipts and bank deposits.

Fixed assets

Allows the set up and maintenance of fixed assets, providing facilities for additions, disposals and transfer of items, where as depreciation can be automatically calculated.

Business intelligence

Constitutes a complete, dynamic and affordable solution which provides the management with the capability to make smart business decisions.

Job Costing

Provides both Financial and Management information for the projects administered by the company. It can handle unlimited number of projects.

Service Recovery

Allows the allocation of expenses incured on behalf of your client directly to that client, so that when the time comes to invoice the client you can choose what services to recover.


The ultimate objective of the CYCOM Collections System is to assist the Accounting Department and the company at large, to monitor the Collection Process.

ABC Analysis

Comprehensive system addressed to management members who wish to have a wholistic view of the expenses and revenues per department of the company.