The Cycom Research & Development Department has the two-fold objective of Research and Development. The aim of this department is to serve the special needs of existing customers who wish to have further enhancements or potential customers who have some particularities.

It is the sole responsibility of the Development Engineers of this department to perform business analysis and to precisely record the specifications. Thereafter, the customized application will be developed, tested and installed to the client.

Normally the project leader will meet with the client. They will listen to the client’s requirements. They will evaluate and process them. If the client’s requests are not covered by our already extensive range of solutions then the Development Manager will estimate the time required to custom develop the software especially for the client. A fee will be agreed upon and the delivery date set.

The new system will be developed with close communication with the client along the way so as to insure the final product is what is required. Once fully developed and tested it will be installed at the client and the training and implementation will proceed.

The Customer Services Department staff will now be responsible for the maintenance and support of the system, however the Development Department Staff will be there if a deeper level of support is required.