1. Services
  2. Implementation

This project phase constitutes of system setup and training services. Initially, the implementation consultants undertake the task of setting up the system in such a way as to adopt and fully comply with the business model of the customer.

Among others, system set up requires business understanding, parameterization, reports design and parameters definition which will enable the customer to execute its daily workflow in a smooth manner.

Furthermore, the implementation consultants provide training on real business scenarios to the users. Basically, the functionality of the software is explained to the users which have to imply a practical example on each item covered. At Cycom, we understand that the correct training of the users it as important as the actual Software itself. No matter how sophisticated or advanced an application is, if the users are not trained or able to use it then it is useless.

Finally, a system audit is performed to ensure that all system definitions and parameters have been set successfully.