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Since our mission is to provide state-of-the-art business solutions and services to our clients we are continuing to improve and upgrade of our trading software applications. We have managed to retain our tradition since 1984 in offering to the Cyprus and international market our own developed Software Applications. Therefore the strategic decision was taken that we will proceed in the development of the greatest project in the history of the company; the new ERP software series ‘Cycom Sofia’.

After the well-known software series ‘Cycom SBS’ which was produced and promoted between 1984 – 1997 (and apparently is still being used today by satisfied customers) but also the next series of software applications ‘Cycom Windows Business Suite’, since 1994 to-date, we have already initiated the development of the new software systems ‘Cycom Sofia (Sophisticated Financial Applications)’. All of the ‘Cycom Windows Business Suite’ systems will be developed from the beginning and the whole project is estimated to be delivered to the market in the next few years.

‘Cycom Sofia’ will constitute the first ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software application which has been developed and fully owned by a Cypriot company. Based on our long-term experience and taking into consideration the current and future needs of our business partners and of the Cyprus and international markets at large, ‘Cycom Sofia’ will be developed using entirely new technology and will provide all the required business solutions needed by any enterprise.

The new ERP software series Cycom Sofia is a cloud-based application and can be accessed from anywhere remotely as long as internet connection is available and the client application has been installed. Some of the main features of the system include the fast insertion and search of documents and other information, the dynamic transmission of documents to customers, the security of data and users’ control and many others.

The Financial Modules of the project are already finalized and is available for installation and Implementation.

Sofia Financial Management System

An integrated, powerful and flexible business application.

Sofia Service invoicing System

A comprehensive multi-currency invoicing system which simplifies the task of issuing invoices and analysing sales

Sofia Cash Management System

Enable both the management to obtain full control over the company and the personnel to execute their daily workflow in a more efficient and effective manner.

Sofia Customer Relationship Management

Assists in enhanced customer satisfaction through efficient sales, instant after-sales support service and effective resolution of pending issues and activities

Sofia Project Management System

Keep track of the various Projects and Tasks undertaken by the employees. Start and end of a project, compare it with the budgeted cost and profit.

Sofia Cost Control

Aimed at firms that act as the agent for their customers. As they receive an Order from their Customer they issue a Purchase Order to their Suppliers.

Cycom SOFIA Inventory System

Take control of your warehouses. The Sofia Inventory System incorporates all the functions associated with Inventory Management.