The Cycom SOFIA Financial Management System is an integrated, powerful and flexible business application. Cycom SOFIA Financial Management System constitutes the Accounting System which Cycom Business Solutions Ltd, targets its focus group, which is the Small and Medium sized Enterprises. It is widely accepted that every industry has its unique processes and the Cycom SOFIA Financial Management System aims to cover the particularities of various markets in Cyprus as well as internationally.

The objective of the Cycom SOFIA Financial Management System, is to enable both the management to obtain full control over the company and the personnel to execute their daily workflow in a more efficient and effective manner.

The new SOFIA Applications Platform has the SOFIA Financial Management System at the core and many peripheral systems can be added, such as:

  1. a) Cycom SOFIA Cash Management System.
  2. b) Cycom SOFIA Service Invoicing System.
  3. c) Cycom SOFIA Collections System.
  4. d) Cycom Business Intelligence System.
  5. e) Cycom SOFIA Cost Control System.
  6. f) Cycom SOFIA Project Management (Timesheet).

SOFIA Financial Management System also includes a basic CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System that caters for Customers, Suppliers and Banks.

Key Features

  • Multi-company
  • Company Copy Facility
  • Transaction Templates for fastest Entry
  • Local and multi-currency transactions
  • Reverse Entries with one click for erroneous entries
  • Recurring Entries
  • Import – Export transactions
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Import Currencies or Auto Update
  • Auto Exchange Difference Transactions
  • Accounts Revaluation
  • Account Analysis (grouping of accounts)
  • Transaction Analysis (Cost Centre Analysis)
  • Open / Close Periods
  • Vat Transactions B/F to Open Periods
  • Export Reports to PDF, Excel, Word, etc
  • Report Writer – User defined Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet
  • Standard Reports Include
    • Journal Listings
    • Trial Balance (four variations)
    • Detailed Ledger
    • Detailed Ledger Open Documents
    • Ageing Analysis
    • Statements
    • Open Documents and Outstanding Amounts
    • Turnover Report
    • Budget v Actual
    • Account Analysis
    • VAT Reports, Actual Form Layout, Summarised and VIES

Sample Screens

Sample Reports