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Fixed Assets Register is a comprehensive system that allows the set up and maintenance of the fixed assets, providing facilities for additions, disposals and transfers of items, with automatic interface to the Cycom Financial Management System. Depreciation is automatically calculated when the depreciation function is executed. The system can work either in standalone mode or as part of the Cycom Business Applications.

When in standalone mode, the system can generate an ASCII file of accounting transactions which enables it to be interfaced with any other General Ledger system.


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Flexible – Cycom Fixed Asset Register offers unrestricted flexibility by allowing you to customize the system according to your business processes by setting up the user defined option such as general ledger     interface definitions.

Simple to Use – Cycom Fixed Asset Register   incorporates the internationally accepted graphical interface elements used by the Microsoft Windows standard, delivering a familiar “look and feel”.  This minimizes training time and allows users familiar with the Microsoft     Windows interface to get “up and running” soon after the system is installed.  The standard Windows on-line help gives you instant reference   information, eliminating the need to refer to printed manuals.

Customized Reporting – Reports can be generated as and when required.  Flexible report selection criteria allow you to restrict the transactions to be printed and the way they will be sorted.  Using the Preview     Window, reports can be viewed on the screen before being sent to the printer.  The bundled   Crystal Report Writer allows power users to design any     custom report from the Cycom database without programming.

Integrated – Cycom Fixed Asset Register is fully integrated with the Cycom Applications suite that share the same database.  The system is user friendly and does not require special lengthy procedures to be executed when interfacing with the other applications.

Key Features

  • Multi Company
  • Grouping of Assets
  • Administration of Fixed Asset Acquisitions
  • Administration of Fixed Asset Disposals
  • Administration of Fixed Asset Transfers
  • Administration of Fixed Asset Depreciation
  • Monitoring of Fixed Assets by Serial numbers
  • Comprehensive Audit Trail of Asset through its life-cycle
  • Standard Reports include:
    • Fixed Asset Listing (Summarised & Analytical)
    • Fixed Assets detailed Movement
    • Fixed Assets Schedule
      • Showing opening value, additions, disposals, and depreciation
    • Journal Listing

Sample Screens

Sample Reports