1. Services
  2. Development

The Cycom Research & Development department is responsible for the development, upgrading and the general maintenance of all Cycom Applications. Utilizing the latest software tools and technology, guarantees the best, state-of-art products.

Cycom has had its own development team, creating its own Software continuously since 1984.

Before starting a project a large portion of the Software’s Engineers time is spent researching for the latest and best programming techniques. This ensures that we don’t have any setbacks during the actual development stage of the project. Our team of highly skilled Programmers work closely with one another, guaranteeing harmonious connection between all the various software components.

Analysis, design and development of new custom-made projects are also a very successful service undertaken by the Research & Development department.

Frequently our Software Engineers cooperate with other Software Suppliers interfacing our systems with other specialised Software to be able to provide our clients with the best possible solution.