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‘The project team of CYCOM has exerted high professional standards, co-ordination and  efficiency in the aspect of initial business analysis, system set up, training, systems interface and system audit. We have made a huge investment overall and the automation procedures were critical for a successful start. We felt that a reliable and trustful software provider was there to resolve all possible issues and support our organization.’
Eliana Alexandrou,
Head of Accounts

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Manage the cost of sales and expenses effectively
  • Manage the Business and Financial Risk through efficient management of cash inflows and outflows
  • Successfully design and construct systems interface
  • Administer the payroll of the company through a management information systemIntegrate business operations through a comprehensive business applications solution

Ultimate Objective of Project

The ultimate objective of the project was to achieve a smooth automation system serving the needs of all business lines and departments. As this project represented the initial company automation, it was critical for customer satisfaction to give a first positive impression. This was achieved through the comprehensive system of CYCOM Business Solutions.

CYCOM Solutions and Services

The list the software applications of the CYCOM Product Suite which have been deployed:

  • Financial Management System
  • Cash Management System
  • Payroll System
  • Inventory Management System
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Purchases Order Processing

Implementation Highlights

Extensive business analysis as the basis for system set up

  • Absolute response to tight timeframes
  • Successful integration with the Aloha POS Systems for the service of the food business

Why was CYCOM Product Suite selected?

  • Corporate Profile
  • Integrated services provided
  • Established systems with years of cumulative experience and business know-how

Business Benefits Obtained

  • The Retail business was successfully integrated with the back office system
  • Enabled instant decision-making process
  • More accurate and cost-effective resources allocation
  • Enhanced financial control over the business

Third Party Integration

Interface with POS System

  • Ticketing System